Murai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Corporate Info

Murai - Creating a comfortable lifestyle by supporting the industrial world with
compassion and skill.

President: Ms. Hisa Kameyama
Ms. Hisa Kameyama

Since our establishment, Murai Seisakusho has conducted business based on its corporate motto, “The Spirit of Cooperation”, in the hope of helping our customers to achieve their objectives. In 1993, we relocated our headquarters to Hinode-cho, seto-city, and have, since, grown with the slogan, “Top of the Niche”. In other words, our goal is to surpass the Industry, climb to the peak, and to be indispensable, even though, we are a small company. In addition to the processes for manufacturing of insulating materials for electrical devices, we have incorporated high-tech fields and assembly methods using robotics in our production line. We are hoping to continue our contributions to the development of the industrial world in a wide range of fields.

Our New Company Motto: Reliability and Creation

Corporate PhilosofhyIt is often said that “work nurtures a person, and a person develops work”. Murai Seisakusho is contributing to the development of the industrial world with outstanding technology and skills.
Management's Policy1. Inspire and instill the spirit and culture of “customer takes priority”.
2. Aspire to produce the finest and highest quality products.
3. Commitment to fair pricing and on-time delivery of products.
4. Promotion of self-development and improvement of one's qualifications.
5. Broadening of our horizons and creation of a sound foundation for corporate development.
Policies for Employee Activities and involvementSincerity: Doing one's best with sincerity
Creativity: Performing work with vision, inspiration and imagination
Challenge: Continue performing challenging tasks without giving up